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PTSD – Confidence and Job Hunting part 2

As you may know from previous posts I am currently job hunting.   This is stressful.   The stress seems to be triggering my PTSD.   For those of you not familiar with PTSD symptoms, they are not fun, they can include flashbacks, … Continue reading

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As someone who is in recovery I do not consider myself disabled in any way.   Yes there are some things I can not do – like drink but really who needs that, and I have to really watch my health … Continue reading

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Today is 6 months sober.

Today marks 6 months sober.  It also marks 6 months from being fired from my last job.   I sort of feel weird about it.  I’ve reached 6 months sober several times before.  It’s actually a dangerous time for me.   I … Continue reading

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Job Hunting in Recovery

Job hunting is always tough.  It’s demoralizing, hard on the ego, and requires incredible persistence & there’s tons of competition.   Being in recovery just adds another layer of complexity. Bit of background, I was a finance director at a major … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog.   This is a blog about recovery from mental health and addictions issues.   I view myself as a person who is recovering and I believe that recovery is possible. I forget who said it, so forgive me … Continue reading

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