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Job Hunting Part 4 – Trust me or Trust my Dr’s.

Brief background – I used to be a finance director at a major multinational before self-imploding in an addiction and mental health crisis.    Took a year out to recover.   Then I deliberately took a more junior position, for two reasons:  … Continue reading

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Recovery: Not a linear process & Self Injury

It’s been my experience that recovery is not a linear process.   I wish it was.   It would be nice if I could leave my past squarely in my past and just move forward.  But I can’t, because my past is … Continue reading

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Asking for Accommodation at Work

I recently found out why I didn’t get one of the jobs that I’d interviewed for.   The reason the hiring manager gave me, and the real reason were very different. The hiring manager told me, that they had decided to … Continue reading

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New twist – job hunting part 3 – admit I’m tech savy

I have an interview today with an IT firm that looks like it would be absolutely fabulous to work for.  They’re rapidly growing.  They offer great pay and benefits.  They’ve got solid financing.  And their culture sounds awesome.   I know … Continue reading

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Being vulnerable and asking for help is hard.

Hi everyone, this post talks in a general way about AA and the 12 steps so if AA is not your thing, please keep an open mind and accept that it’s helping me.  Either that or don’t read. I’m currently … Continue reading

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One Road Trip – Overcoming Social Phobia

I did something this past Thurs. that I would never have been able to do 6 months ago, and I didn’t even realize it was a big deal until it was over.   I guess that’s progress. ;-). A woman I … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Meditation – an incredibly valuable tool

This past summer while I was in rehab, I was fortunate enough to participate in a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy 8 week program at North York General Hospital.   It wasn’t my first exposure to Mindfulness, when I was in CAMH … Continue reading

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Never Give up AKA my journey to sobriety

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my experience in dealing with addiction it’s the importance of never giving up and always starting over – especially when you don’t want to. I’ve been a problem drinker all my adult life … Continue reading

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