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Knitting my way back

This is a somewhat light hearted look at something that has been invaluable in my recovery – knitting.  No I’m not kidding, knitting has helped save my life. I first learned to knit back in 2007 when I was doing … Continue reading

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The importance of Work

This past week I was privileged to be appointed to the board of directors of A-Way Couriers.   A-Way Couriers, is a 24 year old social enterprise company that is completely run by and only hires psychiatric consumers / survivors.   I … Continue reading

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My recovery includes meds

Hi everyone, I have a pet peeve, ok make that a giant pet peeve, so forgive me if I have a bit of a rant here today. I believe in Western medicine, and if there is a medication that can … Continue reading

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Oct. 10 World Mental Health Day

  Today is World Mental Health Day, and it’s an opportunity for me to reflect on how lucky I have been to access top-notch mental health care.   Not many people are so lucky. I have demographic advantage, I live in … Continue reading

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Everyday Mindfulness – AKA Petting the Dogs

I’ve known about mindfulness meditation for a few years now – I was first introduced to it in 07 when it was an option in the psych hospital I was in.   That’s also when I read Zin’s “Full Catastrophe Living”   … Continue reading

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My Brain is Sick – Urges to Drink

My day started out well.   I had a good morning, found one job that I want to apply to.   I talked with my sponsor.  I had a massage after lunch and did some errands.   And by 4 pm, I was … Continue reading

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