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Spiritual Experience or Simply Imploding?

Several weeks ago, I was sharing in my AA homegroup about how I was struggling with the concept of a higher power, and how messed up my life was generally but that I was trying to be more openned minded … Continue reading

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Bad Coping is Bad Coping – Cutting

Warning – this post might be a bit graphic, so if you’re not used to reading about self injury, please be warned. I’ve been doing a fair bit of heavy work in therapy and in my step work in AA.   … Continue reading

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Broken – Life with PTSD

I’ve had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) most of my adult life.   It’s annoying.  That’s an understatement.   It used to be a lot worse.  Used to be I was hardwired for fight or flight and my startle response was through … Continue reading

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New Pillows – A Metaphore for My Life in Recovery

Ok, so this may seem small and insignificant, it is really – except it’s important to me.   I just bought new pillows, I got them this week from a department store that was having a boxing week sale. Big deal … Continue reading

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Happy New Year – Life is Strange

Happy New Year everyone.   I hope everyone had a safe, sober New Years eve, and if not, I hope your hangovers aren’t too bad. I’ve come to the conclusion that 2011 was mostly just a strange year and that the … Continue reading

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