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Sometimes it’s nice to actually see progress

I’m currently in a Seeking Safety group which is a therapy group for people with PTSD and substance abuse issues.  It’s helpful. But last week we did an excercise that was to me particularly encouraging.   We were given questionnaires to … Continue reading

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Damaged.  Broken.  Not Fixable.  Second Best.  Hurting. These are all emotions that I’m feeling and have been feeling for quite some time.    I’ve always felt deep down inside that I was damaged, pretty much from the time my Mom died, … Continue reading

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Good care’s dependent on money & class and it shouldn’t be.

I will admit I have advantages to when it comes to accessing mental health care.   I am white.  English is my first language. Until recently I was upper middle class.  I’m highly educated.  I know my rights.  I can assert … Continue reading

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7 months & Feeling Fragile

This past Thurs. marked 7 months of sobriety.    I’m feeling pretty happy about that, as it’s the first time I’ve gone past 6 months in over a year.    But I’m also feeling pretty fragile. I’m in 2 therapy groups.   One … Continue reading

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