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New Apartment: Moving On & Taking Chances

I’ve been living in St. Clare’s for a little over a year and a half.   I hate it.   While I’m profoundly grateful that it was there when I needed subsidized supportive housing last spring, I’m ready to move on. Another … Continue reading

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Hope – Both Scary and Freeing

I’ve been in some type of therapy for depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress pretty much consistently since 1998, and on meds continuously since 1999.    All of my Dr’s have told me that I’ll need meds for the rest of … Continue reading

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Trauma Therapy – Changing how I see myself

Ever since my Mom died, I’ve felt like I was flawed,damaged, broken, unlovable, and certainly not allowed to express emotions. I coped by becoming an overachiever outwardly, but inside I was slowly self destructing – first cutting, at age 10, … Continue reading

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