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Feeling Sad – miss my Mom

I don’t write about my Mom a lot.  It’s too emotionally hard.   But lately I’ve been thinking about her and crying, a lot.     When I think about her I get a warm nice feeling, as I remember doing stuff with … Continue reading

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When saying No is the way to move forward.

Last weekend, I was supposed to start a 3 day intensive residential treatment program.    I decided at the last minute not to go. There were several issues, but bottom line it came down to I was sick of treatment.    I’d … Continue reading

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Reflections on my arm

I’m looking at the inner part of my forearm.   And I see faint white scars. They are carved there, by blood and tears.   A testimony to the time when I only knew how to express emotional pain by cutting. I … Continue reading

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Do I love myself?

Each week as part of my psychotherapy, I write about my feelings and reactions to one of Women for Sobriety’s 13 statements.    This week’s statement was #10 about giving and receiving love. This is something I struggle with. I … Continue reading

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“I feel that I am broken or damaged. That some part of me either never learned a particular skill set or was incapable of learning that skill set. I suspect it centers on my ability to deal with intense emotion. … Continue reading

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