Women for Sobriety Satement 6

6) Life can be ordinary or it can be great.
Greatness is mine by a conscious effort.
I love this statement.    It doesn’t mean to me, that things are always going to be awesome, but rather by attitude and embracing opportunities I can have a life that is beyond ordinary and is great instead.
It means taking risks.   It means embracing the present and living fully in it, enjoying every minute.   It means chasing your dreams, even if they seem impossible.
And life being great doesn’t mean you have to implement some earth shattering invention, write the next great symphony, or single handily stop climate change, although that would be supremely awesome.  No greatness can mean finding delight in little things – like playing with dogs and loving it 100%, sitting out on a patio with an iced coffee with a nice sunny breeze. writing a poem or drawing a painting.
It’s about what gives you joy.
I know for many people in the throes of addiction or mental illness joy can be a foreign concept, but it’s possible to work towards it.   Start out small with the things you like and build on them.   Shoot for good, and eventually you’ll be pursuing greatness.
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