Women for Sobriety Statement 7

7) Love can change the course of my world.
Caring becomes all important.
At first I balked at this statement, not in least because I have an absolute phobia of romantic relationships, so I thought love AUGH – this is not going to be a statement that I can work with.
And then I thought about it for awhile and realized my definition of love was too narrow.    Now love is a word that gets thrown around pretty carelessly, as in I love chocolate, so I focused more on the second part of the statement “Caring”.   And I could relate to that.
I do love my harp teacher’s dogs, and I believe they return the affection, if body wiggles are any indication of anything, and I get great delight in making them happy.     I care deeply about some of my friends.    I care about nature.    I care about and appreciate the people who have helped me in the past several years.
And the best part about it, is that it is a self-reinforcing proposition.    The more I let my guard down and admit that I care and really feel it, the more I’m able to accept that people care about me, something I was afraid to feel for years.    But I look at the evidence – why would my harp teacher keep teaching me for free if she didn’t care about me.    Why would my friends be so willing to help me if they didn’t care about me.
I have friends on-line and IRL who I know care about me, and encourage me to keep going.
And for that I feel very fortunate.
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