I’m back for the New Year

Happy New Year and I’m back.

In some ways I can’t believe it was August that I wrote anything here, and in others it’s not surprising.   The latter months of 2015 were not good.

I fell into a Major Depressive Episode that drugs didn’t touch, I relapsed a couple of times, I repeated rehab, I found out my meds that keep me sane are likely damaging my heart, and on an up note, found a job, only to have the offer rescinded a week later when funding for the position was pulled by head office.    Looking back on the last half of 2015 and it’s a fog – a blur, of treatment, sleep and mindlessly watching DVD’s.    Not the life I wanted, but I couldn’t pull myself out of it.

There were a couple of good things, I started working with a dietitian and have started losing weight – I’m almost at my first goal, which was to get under 200 lbs.   So far I’ve lost a total of 18 lbs, with only minor tweaks to my diet.

But happily 2016 has started out on a more positive note.   Something in my brain shifted and I came out of the depression, mostly.    I’m still struggling slightly with motivation, although I suspect that’s being out of practice as much as anything.    Some days I even feel happy.    My addictions Dr. has agreed to try me on an anti-craving med.    I’ve signed up for a year long, on-line course on mindfulness.   I’m applying to get into a healthcare covered, yoga and mindfulness program, and I’ve started walking every day.

I’ve checked with the Fraud Examiner’s board, and they’ve confirmed I have until the end of 2016 to finish my course and write my exams, which is better than I expected.    I’m feeling good about job hunting, and feel confident that I’ll find a job in 2016.     I’ve restarted volunteering at the Distress Centre (I had to take a leave of absence in Dec.) and I have a plan, for the unlikely event that I don’t find work.

So in short I’m back.   And, will hopefully begin writing about the WFS statements shortly.

Have a great 2016 everyone.


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